This fee includes:

– Comprehensive insurance without excess.

– Unlimited mileage.

– Local taxes (TAXES). 

– Second driver free.

– Child seat and booster free.

– Amendment and Cancellation free reserves.

This fee does not include:

– Damage to tires and wheels for driving the vehicle off the paved roads (for dirt tracks, beaches, cross country, etc.).

– Lost, broken or damaged car keys or remote controls.

– Inadequate refueling.

– Losses caused by reckless, or under the influence of alcohol or other substances driving.

– Loss, damage etc. in the goods or stored or transported in the vehicle are not included.

Terms and Conditions

– First email will be sent automatically from the booking application. It is only a confirmation of your reservation details. One of our agents will send you a SECOND EMAIL CONFIRMING or canceling your reservation.

– Our system envisages the possibility of specifying your preference for a specific model or make of car in a car group or category. In case that model was not available at the time of pick up, it would be changed into another one in the same category.

– Drivers must be at least 23 years old and have a driver’s license issued by a competent authority for the type of vehicle they wish to hire; it must be valid, it must be approved for driving in Spain and it must have been first issued at least 2 year ago.

– The customer must return the vehicle with the same amount approx. fuel with which it was received.

– The vehicle can only be driven by persons included explicitly stated in the lease.

– The instructions for collection and delivery of the car will be previously arranged with the company.

– The car can not be moved between islands.

– Fines are charged to the customer.