Rent a car in Tenerife without excess.

What does full-fledged insurance mean without deductible?

Full insurance with no excess is the coverage with which you can eliminate the total amount of money you would pay to have an accident. The rental price may be a little higher, but the insurance will take care of all the repairs in case of accident.

Hire a car with comprehensive insurance without excess does not necessarily mean that you do not block any amount of money on your credit card, although some companies such as AB do not need credit card to hire a car in Tenerife.

In AB we are the only ones that offer you full insurance without excess and we do not block any amount of money in your credit card.

I’m interested in insurance with no excess … How does it work?

Let’s give two examples:

All-risk insurance without excess costs €120, almost double insurance with excess. But in the case of having an accident, the insurance would cover all the damages caused to the car (read the insurance conditions well).

All-risk insurance with excess costs €60, with a €1000 excess. If you have no problems, crossing your fingers, you would save €60.

In the case that you have a small accident that causes damage valued at about €600, you will have to pay all the damages, €600, being able to reach the amount of €1000 that would be the total amount of your excess. What initially seemed to save €60, would turn into paying €600 and the ruin of their vacations. You judge if it’s worth…

Although full insurance without deductible depends on each company and generally covers almost anything in the event of an accident, there are some examples in which the insurance without deductible generally does not cover the negligence of the driver.

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